Battery - Home and Small Business

Emergency & Off Grid Battery Power

The ZB30K powers your home silently through power outages automatically 

or stores power for Off Grid sites generating power from solar, wind, hydro and more.

Protection and Security for your family 

The Electrical Grid is under assault from age, overloads and natural disasters. 

Don't get caught in the dark. 

The ZB30K provides enough energy to power all your appliances and HVAC up to a full day during power grid disruptions and up to a week without *HVAC.  With enough installed solar panels you could run essential items for years.

The ZB30K connects to a **Safety Transfer Switch installed by a licensed electrician near your main circuit panel and stays fully charged when your power is on.

When the power goes out, the Safety Transfer Switch cuts the connection to the grid and allows power to flow from the battery into your Main power box.  It happens so fast (usually within a second) you probably will not notice. 

**Air conditioning and/or furnaces

**This is for the safety of utility linemen that may be working on lines near your house and prevents the power from your battery to provide power to the electrical lines leading to your home.

Typical Performance

ZB30K Battery Duration

Air Conditioning  3850 Watts                      8 hours

Furnace Blower  800 Watts                        38 hours

Microwave/Coffee Maker  1000 Watts     30 hours

Refrigerator  200 Watts                              150 hours or 6 days

Laptop Computer  100 Watts                    300 hours or 2 weeks

Led Light Bulb  10 Watts                          3,000 hours or 4 months 

The average US home consumes 28kw a day in normal conditions.   

Technical Specifications

30kW Standby Battery can silently power a typical house for 24hr with Air conditioning or heat.  You can run a whole week if you don't run your air conditioner or HVAC system

If you combine this with solar panels you can keep essential appliances running for weeks on end as long as you have sunshine on most days. 

Max Dis 4hr Nominal voltage:51.2V Typical capacity:600Ah 

Max charge voltage:58.4 

Discharge cut-off voltage:40V 

Max charge current:50A 

Max continuous discharge current:100A 

Max pulse discharge current:3500A(3S) Charge temperature:0℃ - 45℃ 

Discharge temperature:-20℃ - 60℃ Storage temperature:-10℃ - 35℃ Cycle life @ 100% DOD(25℃):≥2000 

Steel 24U Cabinet Dim. 42" x 24 x 36 

Weight 380 LB

Add Solar to recharge your Battery with power from the Sun
These two options will power your house and recharge your battery at the same time​ as long as the sun shines.  

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